Dog Attack at Work: Be Ready to Take a Beat

What is Dog Agitation Training in Attack Dog Muzzle

Strong Thick Leather Dog Muzzle for Attack TrainingWe keep dogs for different purposes. Some of them guard our house and the territory. We buy working dogs, paying money for training, but not many of us are aware of a fact that exploitation of a dog is illegal. This is an excess of permissible self-defense. Therefore, before having a dog, you must weigh the pros and cons.

So you should realize responsibility for your choice. Keeping a dog can cause you law issues and much paperwork, and by reason of hysteria around the dogs in the media, public opinion will evidently be against you, plus tightening up laws on dog keeping - your fate is not enviable.

Even if a burglar gets into your yard being attacked by a dog, you will have a lot of trouble - it would be very difficult to prove his intentions on trial. And just imagine that it is not a burglar, but a 12-year-old boy (climbs over for his ball), then you will turn into an enemy for most of people. What we can talk here about if even in some security forces it is forbidden to use dogs?

Painted Leather Dog Muzzle for Attack TrainingIt seems like we are surrounded from all sides. So what for we need a guard dog now? Is it possible to use a dog within the law rules? These very questions lead us to France, where people live with these problems a dog's age. The way out was found in the year one. Depending on a situation, a dog can be used differently. For example, if an attacker is not armed, then a dog works in a muzzle, and if the opponent is armed, then it’s without a muzzle.

Interestingly, in France, the use of a dog is regulated by law. The police are allowed to strike blows in the groin and face, for citizens the hull is only permitted. And only when a person is armed using a dog, as your defender, without a muzzle is considered eligible.

We were interested in the dog training technique in a muzzle for striking. I can tell you this is a fairly effective weapon. Having prepared several dogs by this technique, we felt all this power. Being vestured in a special equipment, two figurants received cracks in their ribs, the third took some time to recover after the dog hit his solar plexus. It's terrible to imagine what would have happened without this equipment.

Agitation Dog Muzzle for Strong Large DogsFor such intensive hard training you need to prepare special equipment: for the figurant - a protective waistcoat and helmet, and for a dog - special attack muzzle (it is made of quite tough leather with a metal insert in front of the muzzle; inside it is equipped with a drip to protect the cutters during impact).

The technique is simple enough but still very effective. Initially a dog is taught to bite into the place where afterwards it will beat with a muzzle. Then a trainer puts on a dog an attack muzzle and it does not bite, but strikes. Further the associative dog training is practicing. Having teached your dog this skill, you get a fairly reliable protector, and what is important within the law.

But what is to do with the 12-year-old boy who climbed over the fence for his ball? Everything is simple: you should teach your four-legged defender to bark on a stranger and keep him on a one place for attracting the owner’s attention. Such training of the dog will prevent accidental biting of children and at the same time the defense effectiveness of your territory will not suffer.