Aggressive Behavior In Dogs | Dog To Dog Aggression

 Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs | Dog To Dog Aggression

dog muzzle for dog safety and comfortUnfortunately, dog to dog aggression is a common dog behavior problem. Aggressive dog behavior should be stopped at once. In city surroundings aggressive dog may cause fear of other people and especially children. Aggressive dog creates also a very annoying and stressful, sometimes physically dangerous situation for the handler. Here we will tell about the reasons for aggressive dog behavior and how to deal with aggressive dogs.

The Basic Reasons of Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

The main reason for dog to dog aggression are the lack of necessary physical exercises, impact of populous megapolis circumstances and lack of new impressions for a dog.

Many dog owners practice dog walking about 30-40 min daily. Thus dogs have no time to express their energy to the fullest. In populous cities with many dogs the lack of time and place for normal dog walking may become the reason of dog stress. It may become the reason for aggressive dog behavior.

Lack of dog walking, new emotions and physical exercises, lack of dog socializing with other dogs raises dog stress.

dog muzzle UK bestsellerUnderstanding Dog Behavior

The reasons for aggressive behavior in dogs:

  • dog illness or weakness of dog physical state

  • features of dog temperament (dog tendency to a dominant behavior)

  • lack of dog behavior training

  • involuntary encouraging of aggressive dog behavior

  • gaining of aggressive dog experience fight after fight

  • fears and injures got while dog fighting

Aggressive Dog Behavior Reasons: Why A Dog Is Aggressive?

Important reasons for dog aggression are also weak punishment of a bad dog behavior (weak pull on a lead, quiet command to stop aggression, not feeding a dog) or otherwise, too rude physical punishment for aggressive dog behavior. In this case, as a rule, a dog becomes even more aggressive.
What is the base of dog fight? It is the solving of a problem in dog communication, both of which pretend to dominate and each of which wishes to be the leader.
leather dog muzzle UK bestsellerSometimes a younger dog wishes to win a leading position in front of an elder one. If you would let the dogs to solve the problem on their own, on short hassle can be enough. If you punish a dog who won the hassle, you make its leadership lower and the rank of the defeated one higher. It provokes your dog to repeat the fight to establish its leadership again. The less the influence of handlers is, the shorter dog aggression lasts (but for the reason that the dogs are not equal in rank).
Dogs with the same rank of leadership will not stop fighting but become more serious time after time. The salvation is stop walking together and avoid of meeting each other.

How To Deal With Aggressive Dogs

If you do not know how to stop dog being aggressive, approach the seven steps to deal with the problem.
Step 1. Get the dog to a veterinarian and let him check if there are any illnesses that may bother a dog.
Step 2. Try to become the leader for your dog. Prohibit coming in first, walk up and down stairs, do not treat a dog while dining, do not reply to dog asking you to pet, play or caress it, limit your dog's favorite habits and activities: prohibit a dog laying and sleeping in bed, on the coach, chairs.
Step 3. Get the help of an experienced dog behaviorist obligatory.
Step 4. At the moments of aggressive dog behavior do not try to calm it down with a treat, caress, petting.
Step 5. Walk a dog on a long lead far from factors that irritate your dog and provoke aggression, until you are sure that dog behavior is normal.
Step 6. Make dog walking time longer, within 1-1,5 h.
Step 7. Never punish a dog physically for aggressive dog behavior. Try to turn its attention to something else, drive it away from the irritant of aggression.  

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