How to Put a Muzzle on an Aggressive Dog?

How to Muzzle an Aggressive Dog?

how to put a muzzle on a dogWe do not like dog muzzles. It is treated as if we kept a child on a leash. But dog muzzles are indispensable in certain cases.
We cannot get along without muzzles on dogs which we cannot control. If a puppy bites, you can find many reasonable troubles for not putting a dog muzzle on your pet.
Sometimes you may get a requirement from the courts to put a muzzle on the dog:
1) For violent behavior in the puppy history.
2) For a puppy of definite aggressive dog breeds, that is legally required to wear a muzzle in definite regions (even for a puppy without acts of violence in the behavior history).

Dog muzzles for aggressive dogs. Important tips

Dog muzzles are not the salvation for dog aggression. A dog muzzle is a tool to prevent biting.
A dog muzzle may be the reason of growing aggression if worn on a puppy. It is natural for a dog feeling uncomfortable and not natural being muzzled.
That's why it is very important to choose a proper muzzle size and model individually for the dog breed and the size of your dog.
A dog muzzle for aggressive dog is just a temporal safety precaution. In the order to stop dog aggression and dog biting we should use both the precaution tools (dog muzzles) and special dog behavior correction training with the help of a professional dog behaviorist.

What dog muzzle is best? How to choose a dog muzzle?

It is natural that dogs don't like muzzles. They restrict moves and in many cases are uncomfortable artificial devices created by people.
But if your dog is induced to wear a muzzle for its own safety (i.e. stop picking up from the ground and prevention of poisoning, to be taken to a vet to get proper help) or the courts prescription, you must pick up one most comfortable for your dog.
The best dog muzzle is a muzzle that allows a dog drinking, panting and breathing free.

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The best dog muzzle is also designed for a definite dog breed. Of course a French Bulldog muzzle will not fit Siberian Husky.
That's why our specialists create dog muzzles in a rich choice of sizes for definite dog breed snout shape and size.
Our experts recommend to choose a dog muzzle with plenty of room for dog snout to make a dog feel maximum naturally and comfortably.

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How to put a muzzle on an aggressive dog?

How to muzzle an aggressive dog? You probably wonder how to put a muzzle on a dog without getting bit? You will need to be patient, slow, and consistent to learn how to put a muzzle on a vicious dog.
You have to train a dog to wear a muzzle step by step and use dog treats and praises to make a dog feel naturally and familiar with a new muzzle.

Dog muzzle training in a nutshell:

1) Put a dog treat into a new muzzle and let dog smell and touch it to get acquainted to the new device. Do not put it on at once yet.
2) Let a dog stick its nose inside for a longer time gradually.
3) When a dog gets more familiar to a dog muzzle attach it keeping feeding dog treats.
4) Repeat the steps until your dog feels comfortable with the muzzle on.

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