How to Stop a Dog from Biting

Dog Biting Problem

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Dog biting is a serious problem that may cause serious injures. Most dog owners do not consider that their dog is a threat for society and suppose it as not a big deal if it catches sometimes one's leg or scratches a little. Do you think your dog is not able to do more harm than a scratch? In fact, most of dog owners have no idea what their pets are able for. For example, the strength of biting of 2 y.o. German Shepherd with weight 27 kg is 180-315 kg. This strength allows a dog to break human arms and legs easily or tear off a part of your body. Some large dogs like St. Bernard the strength of jaws is over 450 kg. of course, little dogs are much less stronger. A little doggie with weight 10-15 kg has strength of jaws about 90-135 kg, but it easily allows this doggie to cut off your finger.

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We are just trying to show you how serious is danger of a dog that is biting. Most of problems appear with dogs that have been beaten, because of their bad behavior and untidiness that caused by owner's neglect) or that they were teased.

For example, we know about one a very nice puppy of a Great Dane, that was left home alone, behind a fence, right at the time when children were going home from school passing the house. Children amused themselves by teasing the puppy, throwing sticks and stones behind the fence. After a year this dog became very aggressive and tried to attack each child by his side. It happened, that a dog got the view that any child is intended to tease and beat him. This is what circumstances have done. It took a lot of time and money to re-train a dog to treat children well.

Dog's personality is formed very early. Generally dog bites if it is beaten. The one reason of such behavior is not the ill habits of a dog, but irresponsibility of its owners, who have not trained a dog in time or treated it bad. This turns a nice dog to an aggressive beast and a danger to society.

We should not allow a dog to bite at all! It is a serious problem that should be controlled and eliminated with its roots, from the very beginning. Dog may bite because of fear, aggression, confusion, hurt, nervous state, irritation, for some circumstances, attempt to get snack or good attitude, illness and a lot of other reasons. In the order to rule the situation or to manage the problem (whatever may appear as a problem for dog), they act with their teeth.

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And the older dog - the more serious is the problem. The longer a biting dog is left unpunished, the less possible is to manage the problem. And the larger the dog is - the more serious is the problem and the results of such behavior. If family is afraid of a dog - it makes negative attitude of a dog even stronger. The most inappropriate behavior with such dog is beating, shouting at a dog etc. This problem is decided the other way and it is possible to resolve only with the help of a professional dog trainer, who will review all the situation, talk to all the members of your family and give you recommendations how to train a dog to be obedient and safe. Professional will make you understand the reasons of dog behavior and then it will be easier to eliminate the reasons and the result.

Many dogs with this problem are brought to dog rescue house for euthanasia. It is a sad result of a behavior, caused by bad relationships with people. But it can be avoided. It should be underlined, that a problem of a dog that bites should be reviewed as a part of obedience training. A good trainer will always remember it and will work in the order to change all the way of thinking of a dog and its perceiving of the members of the family. If a dog is not under control and does not respect its owners, then chaos appears. All the members of the family should deserve and keep dog's respect. A dog wants to know, who is the owner. If it is concerned, that it is the leader in the family, it will act the way as a leader and will not obey anybody. If a dog understands that you are the leader, it will obey you. Dogs will obey only people, who treat them the right way.

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