How to Choose Dog Training Apparel

Basic Dog Training Tips: Dog Trainer's Clothing

Here we will review the basics of dog training. Probably for someone these advices seem to go without saying. But, as experience shows, these tips are obvious far not for everyone.

professional dog training apparel for saleWhat do you usually wear when you are going to train or exercise your dog? And what clothing do you choose for dog walking? Many dog owners consider that it is not important, because they are going to train a dog, but not themselves. But the right clothes and shoes not only help to train a dog with pleasure, but also to make it more successful. In dog training class you are to focus on right performance of exercises by a dog, instead of thinking what moves this clothes restricts and which it doesn't.

What are the main requirements for clothes for dog training?

1) Dog training wear should be wet-, mug-, windproof and durable to mechanic damages.
There is no problem if it is warm and dry outside. But if is have been rainy recently, or it still rains, and you have worn your favorite pants, which are also planned to be worn to your office, then your mood will be absolutely spoiled. Durability for mechanical damages is a very important quality for dog training clothes. When you play with a dog bite tug or a fetching article, when a dog comes up to you after a command "come", and other similar cases a dog may break a fine cloth by one quick move. And do not forget of a color: the darker, the better.

dog training t-shirt and cap2) Dog training apparel should give freedom of moves.
In training you have to sit down at a dog, work active by your arms, fetching and moving objects and move very fast in general. It would be good if your clothes allows you to be active. There are many sharp moves in dog training activity and you should not worry that your sleeves will break ones you stretch your arm. A comfortable, dense, quality clothes should make you forget thinking about such things and allow you freedom of movements and to focus on training.

3) Your shoes are to be comfortable and soft.
Sometimes dogs are taken to a dog training class by girls on high heels. Of course they attract attention of a dog trainer, but not because of their long legs, but because it is impossible to train and even walk a dog being on heels or other uncomfortable shoes. Your shoes should make you feel comfortable and to stand firm on your feet, to handle your dog when it pulls or makes sharp moves.

So, what is the best dog training outfit?

For summer it is a sport suit and snickers. Take special care that the fabric of suit is dense and firm enough for dog scratches.
For winter it is a sport suit, soft boots, sport jacket with a hood and a warm hat.

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