Fire Hose Tugs for Dog Training

Fire hose tugs for dog training. Here you will find DOG BITE TUG for puppy and large dog training.
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Pay your attention to dog bite tugs made of durable high quality fabric, which is used for production fire hoses. This hypoallergenic material is completely safe for a dog and it satisfies world quality standards. Dog biting pads with comfortable soft handles are widely used by professional dog trainers. Dog biting pads possess high density. They don’t cause any allergic reactions and don’t harm dogs’ teeth. Such dog bite training tools may be used in purpose of dogs’ trainings, teaching new commands, developing dog bite skills, training correct bite grip and during games both with puppies and grown-up dogs. Increasing your dogs’ drive and motivation, dog biting pads will be in long-time use for you, even if used daily. Our dog training tools are made for reliable, comfortable and long-term use.
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