Initial Dog Training for Fighting Dogs

In this article you are going to learn peculiarities of a fighting breed puppy and know why it's important to be totally engaged in the process of raising your puppy.

How to Raise a Puppy of a Fighting Breed

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To have a puppy of any breed is a huge responsibility. To own a puppy of a fighting breed is twice responsible and even more complicated.
Fighting dog breeds are genetically aggressive and it depends on your upbringing whether this aggression will become the dominant trait of the dog’s character or he will become a strong and loyal friend to you and your beloved ones.
It goes from the nature and lifestyle of the owner what the fighting breed puppy becomes. Noisy companies with loud music annoy these dogs, and they will confront the irritation with aggression. The owner’s attention should be directed to raising a puppy.
If there are family members who require increased attention - these are toddlers, elderly people or one who needs additional care, then they will be the weakness object for dogs and will cause aggression. It’s extremely important to train the dog regularly.

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This is essential for comfortable existence of a dog in human society. From the very beginning of the puppy's stay in the family, it is necessary to establish clear rules for dog’s behavior and the daily regime. The fulfillment of the established rules must be carried out regularly and without any deviations and indulgences. Failure to comply with the rules is viewed by the dog as the weakness and again causes aggression. 
You cannot do without expert’s advice in raising a puppy of a fighting breed. There are a lot of different dogs kennels for fighting breeds. Communication with cynologists continues throughout the whole life of the dog. Of course, a fighting breed dog living in an apartment becomes domestic, but the accumulation of genetically designed instincts remains and can lead to tragedy.
There is only one way out - physical exertion. Walking with a puppy of a fighting breed must be long and intense. With age, these characteristics increase. Training a puppy in a kennel usually starts at the age of four months. But, before training, a puppy should receive primary education.

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Knowing his name, time, place and appropriate behavior during walking, implementation of standard commands like "sit", "come", "stop" - this is the basis of good education. Adequate puppy’s attitude towards the collar, leash and muzzle is necessary knowledge for a decent and comfortable living with a human.
It totally depends on your own willingness to devote time, effort and enough money on your pet whether the dog will become a dignified and safe friend to you and your family.

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