Dog Toilet Training Problems

How to stop a dog peeing in the house? What are the dog toilet training tips? What are the common possible reasons for dog urination and defecation at inappropriate places in your house?

Dog defecation at inappropriate places is an unpleasant issue that causes irritation, bad smell and damage to your property. Except of these unpleasant outcomes, it is a bad sign of your dog. Such inappropriate behavior of you pet is a testimony of a mental of physical problem. And it is much more serious that the results you get. Each dog behavior problem has a reasonable basis. Without revealing it nothing helps. You may punish and shout at your poor pooch, but it may need a special cure and veterinarian or a trainer instead.

Here we will point out the most common reasons that may cause this inappropriate dog behavior.

1. Problems of Dog Urinary Tract

Dog may start peeing at unacceptable places if it has an urinary inflammation, caused by an infection. Before getting mad and punishing your dog (that brings nothing good) visit a veterinarian. To examine the issue, your vet will need an urine sample of your dog. The urine is tested for bacteria and abnormal cells in the dog urine. If the Urine Tract Infection fact is confirmed, your dog will need a course of cure by antibiotics. Except of infection, the cause may lay in inflammation, like cystitis, urine crystals or bladder stones. If any of the issue is diagnosed, your dog would be cured by medications, supplements and/or diet.

2. Dog Urinary Incontinence

Dog urinary incontinence is more likely for dogs of older age. Though, it may happen to a dog of any age as well. Incontinence is an issue where urine is seen to leak or you notice a dog leaving wet spots of urine after sitting/laying. You should not punish to show your madness about the issue to the dog. In fact, incontinent dogs do not understand or even notice it to happen. Incontinence signs are usually small spots left without dog's intention. The issue is resolved with a medical aid. Consult your vet to subscribe a proper treatment for your dog.

If the marks of dog inappropriate urination are huge, it is not an incontinence.

3. More Probable Dog Health Issues

Other issues causing inappropriate dog urination are diseases of kidney, Cushing's, diabetes and some other issues. Consulting your vet should be the first required step, important to point out the problem and find out the proper clue for its solving.

4. If consider older dogs, except of incontinence and infections the reason may lay in the dog age. Characteristic age problems as senility/dementia may cause a dog to forget the toilet training and proper behavior it has been used to. Old dogs with these problems just do not realize where they are. Old age may also provoke other health issues like kidney failure and others. With old age of your dog its health should be treated more attentively.

Some people resolve the problem by diapers or absorbing pads at places of dog being.

4. Dog Behavior Problems

Only after visiting a vet and having your dog examined you may surely know that you are dealing with dog behavior problem. If any of dog health issues is confirmed and your dog is healthy but still leaves spots, the next step is visiting a dog behaviorist or trainer.

The reason or dog sudden change of behavior and starting to pee at inappropriate places may be caused by stress. Dogs treat many situations more sensitive than we may imagine. Try to examine when dog's behavior have changed. What preceded the inappropriate dog behavior? Have you had an addition in the family, like a new baby? Has there been any loss or someone moved away? Repeat the stages of dog toilet training. If you are not managing to cope the problem yourself, consider the help of a specialist: dog trainer or behaviorist.


Dog behavior problems is not the reason to give up on your dog. You are responsible for the pet you have got. Help your pet to undergo the issues and problems and your pet will pay you with its friendship and devotion.

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