Dog Socialization With Other Dogs

Dog Socialization With Other Dogs

How does a dog finds itself in the dog society? In other words, how does a dog socialize? One of the basic periods of dog socialization, that defines further forming of dog behavior, comes from the 3rd week till 1.5- 2 months of puppy life. In the process of growth a puppy learns proper dog behavior in the society of other dogs by active dog socialization. Generally it is realized through games with other puppies and mother-dog. Through games, that become more and more conscious with time, puppy learns adequate dog behavior in various situations of life and learns to decide various tasks.

dog socialization with other dogsPuppy teeth are weak for bones chewing. That's why by games a puppy trains to regulate and control the strength of biting.

Biting each other in a game, puppies learn the power of bites and define the rate of pain of the opponent by its yelping.

In games puppies learn what is pain, doggy language, develop strength, agility, coordination, bravery and endurance.

Gradually puppies start to resemble older dogs. They communicate adequately with other dogs, play with them, regulate strength of biting, know the basics of dog language, contact with other dogs and people.

The earlier a puppy meets other dogs, the better it is socialized and assured towards them in the future.

If your dog is afraid to other dogs, do not avoid meeting them. This way you will never resolve the problem. Start the process of dog socialization immediately, in the circle of dogs, providing their often and active communication.

The process of communication with other dogs will let a dog understand, that there is no danger (if the other dogs are well-bred and adequate). Find friendly dogs for your pet to play with. Choose dog owners, who are not afraid of communication, do not grab their pets in hands meeting other dogs, and are still. The more your dog gets friendly communication, the sooner the problem is resolved.

Visit dog shows and events to communicate with other dog breeds.

Go to the places of dog walking, training fields, find an experienced dog trainer.

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