Rules For Walking Dogs In Public In Europe And Other Countries

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    Now the summer vacation season is coming and surely that you will want to take your lovely doggy on an adventurous trip with you and learn this world together. Remember that each country has its own laws for walking a dog. In this article we will consider the rules of walking a dog abroad in several European countries.
    Germany. European dog breeders admit that one of the most stringent pet safety regulations in Europe has been established in Germany. Across the country, it is strictly forbidden to transport dogs without muzzles on trains regardless of their size and breed. Each federal state has its own additional rules for walking dogs in public. For example, in Bavaria, according to the local law “On Dangerous Dogs” it is forbidden for 14 breeds of dogs and their metisto to walk in public places without a muzzle. Among them: Rottweiler, Italian Mastiff, Bullmastiff and others. In addition, “dangerous dogs” can be walked only by persons not younger than 18 years old. Even a lap-dog can be muzzled here if it “previously showed signs of aggression”. Four dog breeds are generally prohibited for keeping and breeding - Tosa-Inu (Japanese Mastiff), American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull.

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    Italy. Until recently, there was a ban on walking dogs in public places without a muzzle in Italy but dog breeders and the authorities looked at this law with legal nihilism inherent to Italians. A few years ago, a rule was introduced in Italy prohibiting walking dogs of  “naturally aggressive breeds” - Pit bulls, Bullmastiffs, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers and even Newfoundlands with St. Bernards without a dog leash and a dog muzzle. By the way, until recently in Italy there was a ban on transporting dogs weighing more than 6 kg on trains, but it was canceled under public pressure. In any case, a dog should be muzzled on a train and on public transport.

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    Great Britain. Great Britain is considered to be the most dog-friendly country in the world, there is no direct law obliging citizens to walk their pets in dog muzzles. Some fighting dog breeds are banned here and must be sterilized. At the same time, a dog in a muzzle on the street and in parks is common here. The law provides for large fines (up to 20 thousand pounds) for dog owners if a dog is harmful to human health.

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    Spain. Spanish “dog” legislation, judging by the Internet portals of local dog breeders, is the most complicated in the world. The recently adopted law “On Dangerous Dogs” classifies them not only by breed, but also by shape, weight and size characteristics. All dogs weighing more than 20 kg fall here under restrictions on walking in public places, providing for obligatory wearing of a dog muzzle.

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    France. In France, there are about 17 dogs per 100 people. This country is one of the world's largest four-legged populations, of which about 100 thousand dogs are classified as dangerous. The law divides such dogs into two categories: “attacking” and “guard”. Among them are the Staffordshire Bull terriers, Pit bulls, Mastiffs, Rottweilers. Walking such dogs in public places without a dog muzzle and a dog leash is prohibited. In addition, the dog's owner must have a special license. In public transport it is allowed to carry only small dogs in carriers, in trains there must be a muzzle on a dog.

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    Israel. The penalty for non-observance of cleanliness when walking dogs is set by the authorities of various cities and, as a rule, amounts to about 700 shekels (about 153 pounds).
    According to the law of 2002, the rules for keeping dogs include the obligatory receipt of an official certificate. A dog must be labeled by a veterinarian via an electronic subcutaneous tag or other approved tag.
    Coming-in of certain dog breeds into the country is generally prohibited. Amstaffs, Rottweilers, Tosa-Inu (Japanese Mastiffs), Fila (Brazilian mastiffs), Staffordshire Terriers, Pit bulls, Bull Terriers, Argentine Great Danes and Pit Bull Terriers have been declared non-grata. An exception to this rule is law enforcement agencies that have permission to use fighting breed dogs.

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    USA. In the USA, the rules of walking a dog are established by the authorities of each state separately, but there is no direct requirement for the use of a dog muzzle in any of states (except if a dog is transported in public transport). The only general rule for the whole country is that a dog must be on a leash outside of your house territory. However, if the local authorities consider that your dog is particularly dangerous for others, then you may be obliged to walk a dog in a muzzle on an individual basis.

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