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Rough/ Border Collie Muzzles

Get Rough and Border Collie muzzles of individual snout shape and sizes and many other essential dog accessories. Collie is an embodiment of dog beauty, devotion, wit and kindness.
This interesting dog breed has become the symbol of a sincere friendship of a person and a dog.
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Collie Dog Breed Information

Collie Dog Breed InformationCollie Dog Breed Key Features on scale 1 to 10
Trainability 9
Wit 9
Moult 9
Guard adbilities 4
Protection features 5
Popularity 8
Size 7
Agility 9
Attitude to children 10

Collie Dog Breed History
The Collie dog breed history has many disctinct facts and at the same time it's definite origin is still unclear.
The first testimonials about a Scotch Shepherd belong to 14th century and noted in works of a poet J. Choser. Then the representatives of Collie dog breed have been described in the books "English Dogs" and "The British Canine Encyclopedia". All sources describe Collie as a herding dog with long fur of black or black-and-white fur.
Collie origin has at least two different versions. The first affirms that Collie ancestors have been brought to the North Europe by the Roman legionaries, another one describes Collie dogs as already existing as herding dogs at the territory of Britain for that time. Most probably modern Collie is a derivative of both those dogs, brought by legionaries and those used by shepherds in Britain.
Collie Dog BreedShepherd dogs have been mostly popular with Highlands, the territory between England and Scotland. An interesting Collie characteristic of lack of aggression differs it from other shepherd dogs. It is explained by the fact that wolves have been eliminated at British Islands long time ago. The main task of Collie shepherd dogs have been to herd sheep and keep the flock together.
Collie herding feature is so strong even nowadays. These dogs do not like people walking together to come apart from each other. They believe everybody is to walk in a flock and watch it barking and gathering the people together.
It is interesting that the Queen Victoria has become the first Collie fancier and breeder. She turned attention to these herding dogs in 1860 and brought them to the Windsor castle. This is the start point of the Collie dog breed as a companion dog. Collie breeders selected the most spectacular dogs with thick, long fur for breeding as a companion dog. And other Collie dogs proceeded to be used as shepherds got a name Border Collie.
First Collie dogs had black and black-and-white fur. In the process of selection there appeared red, marble and sable colors. First Collie dogs had more gross body and head form. The Collie dog breed achieved its modern daintiness in the process of selection by crossing with Russian Hounds.
Further Collie dog breed became popular in other countries and continents.
There have been established Collie breeding clubs in the USA and New Zealand while in Australia they have been used mostly as a shepherd dog. In Russia and them in the Soviet Union Collie have gained great popularity as service dogs. They took part in Russian-Japanese war as medical aid dogs. In the years of the World War II they searched bombs and delivered secret messages.
Collie dog breed has two types: a Rough Collie with long hair and a Smooth Collie with short fur.
Collie and ChildrenCollie Temperament
Collie has many abilities and it is explained by its many-sided temperament. These kindhearted dogs are extremely devoted to their owner and get used to the owner's lifestyle. They become active with a sportsman handler, compete and run in races. They are great dogs for active sports. In a family with children they take a part of a caring nurse, jolly friend and a guard for small ones. For people of a calm lifestyle they are great companions for walking and sincere, understanding friends.
Collie dogs try to avoid conflicts with strangers and other animals. But if offended, they may provide a good defense. A temperament of a modern Collie perfectly combines guarding, searching and herding abilities and the function of a companion dog for a person. After a special training class they become professional guide dogs for visually impaired people.
Collie temperament is active. They always ready to run and play, vividly react to all happening around, curious, witty, intelligent, easy trained and have perfect memory. The Collie dog breed is famous also for its acting gift. The character of Lassie pictured in a film after the book of Eric Knight have created a bright image of an intelligent and devoted dog in the hearts of millions.

Collie Dog Breed Standard
Scottish Shepherd has two types: short- and long-haired Collie. But short haired Collie is not recognized by FCI so the only feature that defines them is a short sleek fur. Here we will describe the features of a Collie dog breed standard:
  • strong built
  • light, elegant gait
  • long, thin head
  • scissors-type bite
  • almond-shaped eyes that make a dog look especially cunning
  • three-color, black, black-white, red colors
  • bright features are a white collar at the chest and white paws, white line between eyes and white tip of the tail
  • triangle ears with a bent tip turned towards the front
  • saber-like bent tail

Collie Dog Size
Collie male dog is about 56-61 cm in withers. Collie female is 51-56 cm in withers. Male dog of Collie dog breed reaches from 20 to 29 kg, bitch - from 18 to 25 kg.
There is also the American type of Collie dog breed. It has larger size and a wider head. This type of Collie has also more types of fur color.
The 30th president of USA John Calvin Coolidge had a white Collie named Rob Roy.

How to Choose a Collie Puppy?
If you have decided it clearly that Collie is the dog you need, you are to define the point of purchase. If you wish to make a friend and a companion, first of all turn attention to Collie puppy health and character.
If you have bright plans to create a career or a show dog, turn precise attention to its breed standards and learn the puppy's and his parents' pedigree.

Dog Health is the Most Important
Healthy Collie puppy of 8 months old looks like that:

  • straight back
  • straight, strong paws
  • snout is not thin, but rounded
  • long neck
  • ears hang towards front
  • body has an approximately square-like format
  • scissors-like bite
  • healthy, thick fur

Turn your attention to thecnditions of puppy keeping. Healthy breeding is impossible in dirty and tight room. Collie puppies of that age look plump and actively move, they have no innternal or external parasites.

Border CollieCollie Keeping
Collie perfectly feel living in appartment, if they are regularly walked daily. In spite of their thick fur Collie undergoes heat well. Fur keeps air and it helps to keep a stable body temperature. Normally Collie dogs have good health. They tend to suffer from a hip dysplasia and a progressive retinal atrophy.
Collie owners should remember that is is a herding dog and it may have problems with games for running and catching, with biting. One should watch it.
It is well known that even puppies of one litter may differ in temperament. There may be more active puppies, suspicious for strangers, too friendly or shy. Of course a temperament of any dog depends on the owner's patience and persistence. But still many habits and features are inherited on genetic level. There are many tests and metods to choose a puppy character.
Specialists have established, that at the 49 days of age a puppy's intelect is developed well enough to test its future abilities. That's why this age is good for testing puppy socializing abilities, willingness to follow a person, obey or dominate. This age is anough also to define puppy's trainability, to get to know if your puppy is afraid of height, noise and touch or it is a real Spartan.
Testing is to be held in a calm atmosphere before feeding and with a completely healthy puppy. Tests for Collie are absolutely the same as for other dog breeds. Try them and you will see the future character of a proposed puppy.
It is very important to have a look at the parents of your Collie puppy, especially if you are buying a puppy without pedigree. Note, that Collie puppies are ablosutely unlike adult dogs of this breed. That's why without definite knowledge of Collie dog breed standard you quite probably may get a cross or a dog that is very far from Collie dog breed representative.
If you are looking for Collie puppy to raise a show dog and for breeding take a help of a specialist who knows all the features and nuances of the breed. he will help you to choose a future champion dog. Another way is to find reputable Collie breeders. They will never cheat on future dog owners of their puppies as they are interested in success of their litters to proceede the fame of their parents.
If you are serious about search for a perspective puppy, act forward to your purpose: learn the Collie breeders history, visit Collie shows and watch there for the owners of your future puppy, consult for the right to be the first one to choose a puppy from the next litter of the dog you choose.

How to Care for Collie Dog Fur
The first you admit looking at Collie is its gorgeous fur. And at the same time the question arises: probably, the care of it demands many time and patience of the owner. This guess is quite close to the true. Of course fur demands special care for show. But daily it requires regular care as well. For this purpose a Collie breeder should have several brushes: one with close teeth and a regular one for brushing dog's fur.

Dog Grooming Comb, Metal Brush with Wooden Handle Brush For Dogs Dog Comb for Grooming

Long fur is brushed by putting it up to get the roots. Special attention to taken to the areas behind dog ears, a chest, pants and a tail. These are the area where fur flakes are most probably to appear. It is easier to spend 15-20 min daily than cut out flocks of fur that are impossible to brush.
Collie fur cures! It is a unique fur that has healing features to enwarm, cure pain and stress. It is used for socks, hats and belts.

Collie Dog Feeding
There are two schemes of Collie feeding: by ready-made dry and wet food or to cook meals for a dog by yourself. The first way is comfortable for busy people. But remember, that once you have chosen it will be not easy to change it into a self-made one.
Dog feeding by home made meals is often understood wrong if suppose that it is cheaper and the food left from your meals is enough. But Collie menu is to be thought over. It requires consistent and nutritious food of quality products. Tailings from markets and farms may be dangerous. To plan a healthy ratio you will need to know the list good and bad products for Collie.

Useful products for Collie feeding:

  • boiled beef
  • liver
  • boiled fish without bones, preferrably sea fish
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • vegetables
  • seaweed
  • additives of healing herbs
  • yeast

Harmful products for Collie feeding:

  • rough river fish
  • bones
  • rough pork and fat
  • peas
  • pearl barley
  • fried potatoes
  • sweets
  • flavour products

Leading by these lists you may create a healhy menu for your dog. Remember that it should include vitamins.