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We propose to your choice light weight, high quality handcrafted French Bulldog muzzles UK bestsellers handmade of safe materials. Our French Bulldog basket muzzle of wire and French Bulldog soft muzzle of leather are created by dog experts according to the special snout size of French Bulldog dog breed to fit it perfectly.
Our French Bulldog muzzles UK bestsellers have enough space inside to give your dog the freedom to breathe, pant, and bark. Wire French Bulldog basket muzzle allows a dog also to drink water.
Provide your dog with comfort and safety with new especially designed French Bulldog muzzles. You may wonder why get a dog muzzle or when to use dog muzzles. Our light weight Bulldog muzzles will help you to prevent your dog from picking up from the ground, help in dog socializing, vet visiting, dog grooming and many other situations.

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French Bulldog Dog Breed Information

French bulldog ancestors are perfect guard dogs and fighters. With a stubborn temperament, strong jaws and severe look they were far from a companion dog.

But soon European enthusiasts managed to to turn a furious fighter to friendly and kind companion dog. In the process of selection there appeared the French bulldog dog breed. It is a gentle dog with large ears looking like locators, smart hazel eyes and great variety of colors. French bulldog got affection of people all over the world.

The French bulldog features and abilities at the 10-points scale.

Training ability  ★★★

Witness  ★★★

Moult  ★★★★★

Watching abilities  ★★★

Guard abilities  ★

Popularity  ★★★★★★★★

Size  ★★

Agility  ★★★★★

Behavior towards children ★★★★★★★★★★

French Bulldog Temperament

As for the French Bulldog temperament, it is often compared to English bulldog's. But these dog breeds have a completely different temperament. English bulldogs are reserved and calm. But agile and funny French Bulldogs enjoy playing and have fun. They are called the most gifted clowns among dogs. On the other hand, French bulldogs are very patient and gentle dogs that are very friendly with children. They are perfect family dogs and friends for each member of the family. They do not possess any shade of aggression, but are very brave. This small dog may easy come up to a strange dog to get acquainted. French bulldog will run after cats at the streets gladly as well.

But do not be afraid of French Bulldog behavior. This dog breed is easy to train. A dog may be a little stubborn, but you may find understanding if the trainign is turned into a game. And agility training will help you to express the energy of your French Bulldog.

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French Bulldog Care

Do not overload a French bulldog with exercises. Remember, that it has a short snout that causes difficulties with breathing. That's why French bulldogs may snore and snuffle while sleeping. French bulldog is likely to catch a cold. Be careful while dog walking. Get a Buy French Bulldog Clothes: Warm Dog Harness with Carry Handle for your Frenchie. Short fur of French bulldog will not save your dog from cold.

Be careful with French bulldog goggle eyes. Also do not let a dog close to water. French bulldogs cannot swim. they heavy head does not allow them to do it.

Remember, that up to 14 kg French Bulldog has a huge power. Do not allow French bulldog walking to a small child. It would hardly manage dog strength. And dog not overfeed your dog. A small French bulldog may easy turn to a fatty pudding.

Generally, French bulldog care is not troublesome. It is perfect for apartments. You may easy carry French bulldog in a bag while travelling. French bulldog easy treats change of surrounding and keeps playful mood.

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