How to Train a Dog to Lie Down

Teaching a Dog to Lie Down

Lying position is usual for dog’s rest. However in dog training it’s important to teach a dog to lie down in sphinx position, but not in free, relaxed one.

Belgian Malinois in the Sphinx Position during Dog Commands Training

There are several ways to teach a dog to lie down. Initial position in this training is sitting. The way we recommend is to take dog’s front legs carefully and to pull them forward slightly so that the dog takes a lying position.

One more method is for independent dogs, that don’t like being touched. For this way of teaching a dog to lie down you will need a dog lead. You should put the dog lead below the legs to make the pet put down its head. Before placing the dog in the right position, you should give a command “Down!” If the dog leans to its back or takes a relaxed free position, you should return it back to the correct position. Stroke your dog, when it takes a lying sphinx position. Use dog treats for encouraging and motivation of your pet after the correct performimg of the command.

American Bulldog Dog Training with a Lead

You may give this command from a distance. Let’s start with the distance of one-two steps, gradually increasing it. As soon as the dog masters the “Down” command completely, you may start combining it with “Place” command which it already knows. After commanding the dog to stay at its place, you should move away. It’s necessary to make it gradually. At the beginning the distance shouldn’t be more than 4-5 steps. Eventually, the distance should reach 40 steps and more in the process of dog training

If the dog tries to follow you, you should command to stop and return the dog to the place, which is a few steps back than where it was before. As a result, the dog will understand that it achieves the opposite effect when it gets up. It’s better to face the dog at the initial stage of command training to control pet’s every movement. Then you may stand your back upon the dog, just turning your face to the pet.

Doberman with a Nylon Dog Harness

Finally, stop turning to the dog at all. You will achieve good results of dog commands training not before 15-20 days from the beginning. It is desirable that you don’t overload the dog with this exercise not to make it a forced obligation.

You may need these dog training supplies while teaching a dog to lie down:

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