The Best Dog Breeds for Family and Home Guard

The best guard dog breeds.

The majority of people living at houses need a guard dog for security of their family and home. How to choose the best guard dog breed that will be a devoted defendant and a good companion?

We will not talk about exotic dog breeds, but rather review a list of more popular guard dog breeds.

When you choose a popular dog breed, you have a lot of benefits:

  • a large choice of puppies and wide range of prices;

  • a wide choice of partners for the future breeding;

  • excellent features for guard.

Generally speaking, there are no shortcomings. At least that you will have no chance to boast that you have a dog of a rare, exotic breed.:)

Whatever dog breed you will choose, the decision to have a dog as a home guard is very reasonable. You will sleep much better, when you have a strong and wise dog around. Even a person with armor will not defend home as quality as a watchdog.

Do you already guess what dog breed goes the first in the list? I am sure 99% of readers guess it.

German Shepherd, taking into account its multiple benefits, is one of the most popular guard dog breeds. The preference of one or another dog breed may change with time, but German Shepherd never loses its popularity. Not less that 70% of all dogs coming to training ground are German Shepherd dog breed representatives.

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The benefits of German Shepherds are huge! We would need another separate article to describe all we think about this brilliant dog breed. It is perfect to train, so, it is a great choice for an amateur dog trainer. German Shepherd literally train itself! It is a very smart dog.

Speed, strength, strong guard instincts, devotee are bright features of the German Shepherd. I saw German Shepherd barking mad at passers-by, who tried to take cherries at the tree from the branches bending over the street. What else can we say about guarding its owner!?:)

If you choose the German Shepherd as your home guard you will make a 100% right choice. As for walking of the German Shepherd, it is a very active dog breed. You should spare at least an hour a day for walking with it.

A lot of people suppose that it is a enough for a dog to have activity in a yard. But it is a mistake. Any dog should have more space for its walking.

Rottweiler. There exists a very wrong opinion, that a Rottweiler, when becomes old, may attack its owner without a reason. They say it becomes mad when is getting older. But in fact, Rottweiler is a great dog breed, with perfect working qualities and devotedness for its owner. but it is a little more difficult to train a Rottweiler puppy, than a German Shepherd one. They are quite stubborn dogs.

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I know a case, when a family had to ask a professional dog trainer to wear a muzzle on their Rottweiler. The dog did not allow it to anybody. But, to tell you the truth, that family allowed too much to their dog. That's why I advice to be more strict with your dogs to breed an obedient dog. Especially if it is a Rottweiler, though it touches upon any dog breed.

If you bring a dog walking every day, it may live at an apartment without problems. It sheds not densely and its fur is short. You will have to take it out from your clothes, carpets, sofa... But it is not a problem nowadays.

Caucasian Shepherd. People like the features of strength and power choosing a guard dog for home. It is enough to have just a sight at this dog to make an opponent forget about doing a harm to you. When this dog is given enough attention and proper training, it becomes an excellent guard and a watchdog for your home and family.

Many people have Caucasian Shepherd dog as an item of exterior or interior and keep them on chain or in a cage without or rarely letting it walk about the yard. It is unreasonable. It is much easier and wiser to train a dog a proper way to let it move free around the house and in the yard. As any dog it needs a lot of activity and physical exercises. Other way, how would it guard you being kept on a chain?

But remember, that it is late to train a guard dog when it is grown up. A dog should be trained since the moment t appeared at your home. Then you will have no problems.

You will need a lot of patience to train a Caucasian Shepherd. By the way, it does not go for keeping in apartment. It has too much fur and needs a lot of space.

Alabai. Chain, cage... In the better case they move around the home, but do not go walking. It is very wrong. For the reason of absence of training, this good guard dog breed got negative reviews.

Have you decided to take this dog breed? Training, training and more training! If you want an obedient and gentle dog that will grow up a good family friend, train a dog and be a leader for your pet. Be strict, persistent and always react and correct dog behavior when it does not obey.

Alabai is not the best choice for an apartment. Though, after a good walk it will lay half a day resting at its place. They have a lot of fur. You will need many different brushes and combs.

Boxer. Obedient, calm, kind for children, devoted, strong and good guards. Boxer is the best dog breed for apartment safety. Of course, other dog breeds may guard your home good as well, but Boxer is good for many reasons. It has not a lot of fur and it feels comfortable indoors.

Boxer is a very active dog breed and they like activity, running, plays with plates and balls, play with other dogs, sport. Do you need a good guard dog? Active and healthy dog is the best guard!

Doberman is quite a good dog breed. It is a little stubborn in training. Doberman is a good guard for apartment. But it suits less for a guard of a house. It has not much fur and may freeze in cold weather.

Doberman painted leather muzzle

Staffordshire Terrier seems to be the favorite dog for discussing in newspapers. We frequently hear that a dog of this breed bites people now and then. The negative image of this dog breed is created by their  not responsible owners who do not train their pets proper way or dog not train them at all.

It is obligatory to allow a puppy of Staffordshire Terrier to communicate with other puppies of different dog breeds. Stop any tries of your puppy to show aggression. it touches upon all dog breeds, by the way.

Don't suppose a Staffordshire Terrier to be a dangerous and uncontrollable dog breed. When guided and trained proper way and given enough attention, Staffy will  become a reliable, obedient dog, devoted to its owner and family.

As well as Doberman, it is better to keep Staffordshire Terrier at an apartment. It has too little of fur and will freeze outside.

Cane Corso is supposed to be friendly for children. but with a proper upbringing any dog will treat children well. Generally speaking, adults should always control dog being with children. Kids like to touch and pinch dog's ears and tail, play with them... Dog reaction may be different, and quite reasonably!

Communication with Cane Corso will bring you only pleasant emotions. Their behavior keeps childish for a long time even when they are grown up. but they are very clever dogs. They are well-trained, but need quite a strict and demanding owner. Cane Corso is better to use  for apartment guard. It has thin fur and fat cover. We should say, it is a quite serious danger for robbers.

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