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In this article we will answer the vital questions of many dog lovers: how and how often to bath a dog? What tools to use for dog bathing? How to care for dog hair etc. Moult takes far not the last place in choosing of dog tools and accessories for dog care. Dogs need regular hair care.

It is necessary to do dog hair with brush to clean it of dust, dead skin, dead hair, - it will prevent dog moult. While hair brushing you also make a kind of massage of dog skin and it will foster good nutrition and strengthening of dog hair.

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Long Haired Dog Breeds. Dog Moult and Dog Hair Care

The conditions for dog care are common for all dogs, but we should turn attention to many nuances, that depend on dog skin and hair type. Dog moult flows different for dogs with different hair types, therefore, the rules for their care differ as well. Long-haired dog breeds are to be bathed once a fortnight. These dogs shed hair quite intensive, that's why they should be brushed and cut regularly. These are such dog breeds, as Cocker, Poodle, Terrier, Shi-Tsu, Carry-Blue.

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Wire-Haired Dogs. Dog Moult, Rules of Care

If dogs have wired or hard hair, they can be washed just once a month. Such dogs have a quite untypical moult and we should take into account some features: body hair should be short cut, and legs and snout hair should be left long. Body hair should be cleaned dry, while hair on a snout and on legs should be washed.

Smooth-Haired Dogs. Dog Moult, Dog Care Recommendations

Smooth haired dog breeds are Doberman, Boxer, Rottweiler. Such dogs moult differs from wire-haired, that's why they should be cleaned daily with a muffle or towel. Twice a week they should be brushed with hard wire. Long-haired dog breeds also moult, but these pets need more careful cleaning. These are St Bernard, Collie, Newfoundland.

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Dog Moult and Dog Hair Cut. Dog Grooming

Necessary procedure for all dogs is regular dog hair cut. Then dog moult and its consequences will be less visible. Dog don't need to have hair cut all over its body, but, it is compulsory to cut hair under its tail, at the ears area, around dog toes and on feet, around eyes. Moult touches also professional dogs, that's why they need special care. All dogs should be cut for dog show, independent on their breed.

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Dog Washing. Dog Moult

Compulsory condition of quality care of dog hair is washing. Here we also have definite nuances. Dog moult will be absolutely not a problem, if you learn these easy rules.

One of the most important rules says that any washing mean makes dog skin dry (even special ones), and its skin is already dry itself because of absence of sebaceous glands. Too dry skin may provoke increase of dog moult. That's why a dog shampoo, conditioner and balsam should not contain dye. They should be whether white, or clear.

If you a moult of your dog is too intense, wash your dog and leave it to dry on towels. The most of dead hair will shed at once. When dog hair is dry, brush your dog carefully.

Wire-Haired Dogs. Moult by Trimming

Many wire-haired dog breeds (terriers, schnauzers) with wire-haired coat do not moult. For such dogs it is substituted with trimming by hands. Trimming is made by individual scheme for every dog at least twice a year.

If wire-haired dogs are not trimmed, the absence of moult may cause huge problems. Dead, but untrimmed hair prevents normal hair-growth of new hair coat. A dog will be always irritated by itching, it will be constantly scratch itself. Scratches are open for infections and may cause a lot of illnesses. That's why hair cut, though artificial, is compulsory for health of such dogs.