Cutting Dogs Nails | How To Trim Dog Claws

How To Clip Dog Nails

Cutting dogs nails is a very important issue, however simple it may seem at the first sight. It not only makes your dog look nicer but also prevents dog nail cracking. A damaged dog claw is very painful and dangerous for a dog, as it may cause infection and inflammation. Too long dog claws may affect dog gait and lead to problems with dog joints and bones. Do not be afraid of to cut dog claws. The procedure will take quite a short time if you know simple rules of safe dog nail clipping.



1. How to choose dog nail clippers.

2. Get everything prepared

3. Choose a proper time

4. Calm down your dog

Dog Nail Clipping Itself

1. How short to cut dog's nails

2. How to place a dog for dog nail clipping at the front paws

3. How to place a dog for dog nail clipping at the back paws

4. Dog claws shape

5. Calm mood of your dog and yours is very important

6. Make the cuts smooth

7. Manage your worries

How To Trim Dog Claws

Part 1. Preparation for dog nail clipping.

1. Choose dog claw clippers.
There are two types of dog claw clipping tools.

1) Dog claw clippers of scissors type: dog claw is placed between the blades, then the handles are pressed together.

2) Dog claw clippers of guillotine type have a hole for claw placing. When you press handles the blade slides along and cuts the claw. Both clippers' types are good, but it may be difficult to cut thick claws of a large dog by clippers of guillotine type.

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2. Get everything prepared: take a styptic powder for a case you cut dog claw too short. Also get ready to give dog treats to distract dog's attention while claw cutting and praise it after the procedure for patience and calm behavior. It will help your dog to take this and further procedures of dog claws cutting easier.

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3. Choose a proper time. Try to make dog claw cutting when your dog is in a relaxed mood. Choose a comfortable place. The best time to cut dog nails is after feeding or walking when a dog is tired after active exercises. Then your dog will be too tired to resist.

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4. Calm down your dog. Talk to your pet in a peaceful, calm voice persuading him that everything is all right. If you have never cut dog nails, get your dog used gradually. Take dog paws in your hands before the procedure several times a day. Keep dog paw in your hand and caress it for a couple of minutes. When a dog gets used to your touches take dog nail clippers and touch dog paws. Distract dog's attention with treats while nail clipping.

Part 2. Dog Nail Clipping.

1. Define how short to trim dog claws. Find the live part of dog claw. It contains blood vessels and nerve endings. That's why it is not to be cut or damaged. If your dog has white, light or clear claws, it makes the task easier. The live part of these claws will have pink shade or you will see red line going along the center of dog claw and ending before claw tip. In the case your dog has dark claws you are not able to see the vessels and lines.
Always start claw tip cutting less the level of the presupposed live part. You always may cut more again if you leave it too long, it is never late. But if you cut more and touch live part you hurt your pet and make it bleeding. Your dog will remember the bad feelings and will not let you do it again.
2. Take dog paw tenderly but reliably and keep it in your hand. Place yourself in front of your dog the way your arm is pointed along its leg. Carefully stretch your hand under dog paw pads and use your thumb to fixate dog finger where you are going to trim a claw. This position is the most comfortable for dog claw clipping at the front paws.
Do not touch your dog at the areas between fingers. Many dogs feel tickle there and unconsciously twitch paws.
3. To cut dog nails at back paws lay your dog on a side. Keep a dog steady putting your arms on dog body keeping dog claw clippers in one hand and dog paw in another.

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If your dog is large and strong you may need to keep it not only by arms but with all your body.
dog claws clipping4. Turn attention to dog claws shape. They are relatively straight and bending at the tip. Cut the bending short tip trying to avoid straight and live part. Check carefully to place the blade exactly at the level you are going to cut. Always cut top down (not by the sides) to prevent dog nail exfoliation.
5. Calm down a dog if you have touched the live claw part by accidence. Keep calm too and talk to your dog gently, give a treat that will distract a dog. It is better if your dog is laying at the side. Keep it with your body and keep paws. Do not let your dog stand up and run away. If your dog becomes aggressive and irritated, it is better to take him to a vet to get his claws cut professionally.
6. Rub down dog claws. After dog claw clipping they have uneven edges. Rub down the edges with a nail sharpener to make them smooth.
7. It is very important to keep calm throughout all the procedure of dog nail clipping. Your dog follows you and watching your calm understands that everything is all right. Cutting one nail tip at once go forward to another one naturally to make your dog understand that it is a usual procedure.
At first your dog may need a break. You may cut several dog claws and make a pause. Then cut the others. You may need several attempts to finish dog claws cutting. From time to time enlarge the number of cut claws gradually till you have all dog claws cut at one procedure.

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