Fighting Dog Breeds: Truth and Myth

Debunking myths about the most common dog fighting breeds

    There are so many myths and legends around so-called "fighting" dog breeds. Let's start with the fact that there has been heated debate about the term “fighting dog” for more than a decade. There are two thoughts about this term. Some experts believe that the term "fighting dogs"can not exist, that this term appeared only on the territory of the former USSR during its collapse and it was came up with scammers from the canine world who earned on dogfights. Others believe that this term can be collected under one wing of all Terrier dogs bred for baiting of their own breed and other dogs. Well, we will not argue and we will use the common and generally accepted term "fighting dogs".

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    MYTH 1. Large fighting dog breeds. So, what kind of dogs are they? We include conditionally Bull Terrier, Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and their mestizos. We tell "conditionally", because a dog must possess a number of certain qualities for the status of a fighting dog. That is neither Shepherd dogs, nor hunting dogs, nor decorative dogs, nor even  Molossians fall under this category. Such an obvious statement sounds strange, but still there are owners of Rottweilers, Shepherds and even Huskies who are quite sure that their dog will overcome in the fight of any opponent and appropriately train them. Of course, it is completely unacceptable! Moreover, in most civilized countries, such actions are rather harshly prosecuted by the law as cruel treatment of dogs. For example, in Central Asia, aboriginal breeds such as Alabai are referred to as "fighting dogs".

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    MYTH 2. All fighting dog breeds are excellent guards. It is not true. These dog breeds were bred to bait wild animals while hunting and then for entertainment purposes. Dog fights were turned into a real business with a tote and money was made on selling puppies from renowned parents.
    It is worth noting that fighting dogs do not have natural aggressive instinct according people. Of course, improper training, ill-treatment or constant provocation of protective instinct will do their job and one day Pitbull will become a yellow press star: "a four-legged killer...", but it is still an exception to the rules and most likely it is acquired as a result of communication with a person.
    MYTH 3. Most common dog fighting breeds are bullies and fighters. Not always. Having a general predisposition to intraspecific aggression not all dogs are ready to rush into battle seeing another dog. In general, fighting dogs are active, energetic, playful and quite friendly dogs but with the right training. When buying a Bull terrier puppy, Pitbull or Amstaf you should be prepared for possible aggression. The task of each responsible owner is to stop such aggresive behavior in time. You should be careful with other potential vicious dog breeds. Such provocations can activate a trigger mechanism and the blood of its ancestors will speak in your sweet pet which can lead to unpleasant consequences for both sides of the conflict. A puppy should be protected from such situations and an adult dog should always be supervised. However, this rule is true for owners of any dog ​​breeds including even the most innocent ones.

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    MYTH 4. Fighting dogs can not be taken to families with children. Why? These are great companions always ready for games. But there is one thing. These dogs are very strong physically and therefore it is unacceptable to let a child go for a walk with them, because a child won't have strength to hold such a big and a powerful dog. When making a decision about taking a puppy to your house take into account the fact that adult family members will be engaged in it or enough adult children who are at least fourteen years old.
    MYTH 5. Fighting dogs have a high pain threshold. Yes, indeed, in comparison with a tender Italian Greyhound or a graceful Poodle, Bull Terrier demonstrates slightly higher resistance to painful stimuli. But it does not mean that fighting dog breeds do not feel pain at all, as some  canine experts claim to consider these dog breeds as soulless killing machines. In fact, these are the same dogs with their own set of emotions which can be scary, lonely and painful.
    MYTH 6. Fighting dogs do not get sick almost. It is not true. They get sick like all other dogs. Perhaps fighting dogs are a little more resistant to infectious diseases (there is a version that Terrier breed dogs are less susceptible to infectious diseases), but like other dogs may become victims of enteritis, plague, carnivorous or piroplasmosis also. Therefore, to rely on their unique "impenetrable" health is not worth it. Like other dogs, Bull terriers, Amstaphs and Pitbulls need anthelmintic treatment, be inoculated, treated for fleas and ticks and be shown to a veterinarian.

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    MYTH 7. Fighting dogs are not known for their intelligence. Such myths are readily supported by non-lovers and even opponents of these dog breeds. They say that they are so stupid that they can only rush to other dogs and people indiscriminately. There is a joke about Bull Terrier which hung on the owner's jacket in a corridor, while thieves carried the values ​​out of an apartment. This joke is still popular and confirms low intellectual abilities of these dogs. In fact, representatives of these fighting breed dogs are endowed with highly developed intellect and are trained quite well for various tasks. For example, a lot of "fighting dogs" are employed in canistherapy.
    There are no smart and stupid dogs - there is a person's wrong attitude towards them.
    Summing up, it is worth saying once again that when taking a dog one should show responsibility first of all and only then go about their desires. And the more serious a dog breed, the more seriously you need to take this decision. And if something goes wrong, it is much easier for a cute little dog than for a naughty German Shepherd or Pitbull Terrier to find a new family.

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