Puppy Training

How to train a puppy? Puppy training and upbringing.

Puppy training and upbringing - this is what the dog owners should care about since the first days of puppy appearance at home. Here we will talk about proper puppy training in the order to raise an obedient and well-bred dog.

If we touch upon little puppies under 3 months, it is better to concentrate on less important and simpler commands for understanding, instead of common course of commands study.

After all, a puppy should play a lot, and the more time an owner spends with a dog, the closer is the connection between them.

What is the use of game? It is useful for physical development, mental activity, managing of relations between you and a pet. If a puppy likes to play, it can be used for puppy training to commands. A dog in love with a game is able to do a lot for the possibility to play. Many puppies even prefer a game to a delicacy as a praise for obey of command.

The thought that a dog will become "shabby", is not true at this situation. Moderate activity have never been harmful for anyone before. As far as you know, puppies have a lot of energy! It will not feel thick because of game at all, except that you play right after feeding a puppy.

Now go to puppy training and upbringing.

1,5-3 month old puppy training

Why should we start puppy training at so young age?

Generally speaking, the activity with a little puppy can be hardly called a dog training. This age demands special attention to a command "Come", using a delicacy or its favorite toy and your unlimited tenderness and gratitude while calling. Active, emotional praise while calling will surely make your dog react faster and it will run to you with glad by the first call.

A dog should never be punished for any inappropriate did or misbehavior when it comes for your call. When you decide to punish a puppy after calling, you do the following mistakes:

You show your puppy that if it comes to you it may be punished. It will think that each time it comes to you it may be punished. Would you come even to a dear person if you thought he/she may hurt you?

You show a puppy, that there are more pleasant things than its owner. Probably a pet will decide to keep walking, when you will need to come back home. It will chase a cat, while you are trying to call it. Moreover, a dog who is afraid of its owner is a very bad guard. After all, you can make respect you with the help of power, but you will never make a pet love you this way.

Even if a dog just came up to you (without call) after misdid (a spot on a carpet etc.), don't punish it.

A small puppy should be taught at home. It is still quarantined. This is the place where he will first time hear the command "Stop/Drop it". Don't beat a pet, it is enough a strict look and voice. We will tell you more, how to punish a puppy.

It is unreal to teach a puppy a command "Bring" if it does not like to play. Don't delay the training of bringing an object. It is much easier to train a puppy that an adult dog.

By the way, you should think over in advance where is the place for puppy to sleep and rest in a calm atmosphere, where is not bothered. A puppy should also be trained to its place(bed).

Some trainers teach a small puppy to more serious commands from the early age. But it it not as important. you's better train it to the commands listed before. They are the base for an obedient and well-bred dog.

Puppy training. 3 months old puppies.

3 months old puppies may be trained to a common course of commands. It goes without saying, that you cannot demand a lot from a dog at such a young age. But there is a definite time for each command. Gradually you should make your demands higher, making the obedience of commands perfect.

the commands listed above should be repeated any way, and gradually add the new ones. "Sit", "Down", "Stay" etc. should do each dog, which owner want to train it to a whole course. In the result you will get an obedient, controlled companion.

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