Should I Get a Dog for a Child?

Dogs and Children

dogs and childrenChildren, grown up without a puppy or a kitten have less intellectual development, than children who have a pet. Besides, researches show, that socializing of such children is easier. Maybe that’s why many kids dream of having a pet. As for the choice of a pet, there are different opinions. The leading position, of course, takes a dog. On the second place are birds. Then goes a cat. After it go fish, rodent, and monkey. Parent in this case support children. Still, we know a lot of cases that adults have negative attitude to pets. There were many arguments in support of this point of view, but later everything changed.

best dogs for kidsLet’s have a look at the advantages of friendship between children and animals. There is a belief that animals cause allergy, but American scientists have made other conclusions. Keeping cats and dogs at home decreases risk of different diseases connected with allergic reactions. Before getting a dog you should make sure that a dog has no skin diseases, such as leishmaniasis. It turns out that about 80% of children, living in the families with a pet, have incredible immunity to some allergic reactions. Doctors state, that in such cases child’s immunity has a great resource which leads to allergy suppression. In addition, taken responsibility for a pet teaches kids sympathy, care and love.

Many children often become witnesses of conflicts between parents. In these situations a cat, dog or hamster help to forget about troubles and protect children from nervous breakdowns and health problems.

Of course, somebody may deny: “It’s nice keeping a pet, but small kids torment them more than love”. Firstly, it not easy at all to torment an animal, even a kitten has teeth and claws and can protect itself, or just hide somewhere. Second, a child will follow the parents’ example. If adults treat a pet with love, a child will love it too. If an animal is like a toy in the family, a child will become indifferent and cruel to his pet. As a conclusion, animals at home bring mostly positive emotions. It depends on us if we are ready to treat them as one of our family or keep just for fun.

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