Police dog equipment K9

Rubber-coated wire basket dog muzzle K9
Agitation leather dog muzzle

Rubberized padded dog muzzle

Agitation leather dog muzzle
K9 leather dog muzzle
Firm leather dog muzzle
Intensified leather dog muzzle
Police training dog muzzle
Attack dog muzzle
Agitation work dog muzzle
Dog muzzle for attack training
Leather muzzle for working dogs

There are special dog muzzles for agitation training with construction and features that answer special needs of working dogs and in the order to help them perform their function safely and the best way. Agitation muzzles are used in police and special subdivisions, guard. Our agitation dog muzzles are constructed according to the special design made in collaboration with these special canine departments to provide the best quality and function practical agitation equipment. Agitation muzzles are the safest, as well as they are intended to protect a dog from the hardest strokes and loadings. They are made of natural thick but flexible leather that well keeps form and pleasant for a dog, lightweight. We make our dog muzzles by hands to provide you with the best quality reliable products. Distinctive feature of agitation dog muzzles are metal plates sewed in a muzzle to protect a dog from hits and to make its attack stronger. These plates are covered with leather and do not hurt a dog. We also equip our dog muzzles with soft felt padding in the upper front nose part to prevent rubbing. All the muzzles are well ventilated and fit for long wear and training. Our K9 dog muzzles are tested at special dog training schools and have the Quality Certificate.

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