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The Best German Shepherd Muzzle Size That Allows Drinking

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German Shepherd Muzzle Size and Shape for Perfect Comfort and Safety

This German Shepherd muzzle is the bestseller among all our dog muzzles. This dog basket muzzle for German Shepherd is produced also in many other sizes, that are designed especially for a definite dog breed snout size and shape. Our specialists design dog muzzles since 1995 and constantly improve them to make maximum comfortable for your dogs. The features that make a wire dog muzzle a great choice is their strength and reliability. Dog basket muzzle of wire perfectly performs its function of security. Our wire dog muzzles are made of a strong, rustproof wire. German Shephers is an active dog. That's why a dog basket muzzle shape should allow him breathe and pant free. The shape of this German Shepherd muzzle has enough spare room to let a dog half open jaws and even drink water muzzled. All you need for it is a deep bowl with water to let your dog sink its snout with a half of basket muzzle in it.

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Wire Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd Size

Strong and Comfortable Wire Dog Muzzle That Allows Half-Open Jaws, Pant and Drink

German Shepherd dog basket muzzle has a felt lining. It is thick and soft and intended to prevent rubbing dog skin in active running and walking.

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Padded Wire Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd

Bestseller Wire Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd Snout Size and Shape

German Shepherd is a strong dog that requires reliable security means. This dog basket muzzle has strong belts with a buckle (classic or quick release up to your choice). The belts are regulated. All metal details are rustproof. We use genuine leather for belts and padding only.

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Buy German Shepherd Muzzle UK

Securely Fixed German Shepherd Muzzle with Leather Belts

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Dog Basket Muzzle for German Shepherd Size

Bestseller Wire Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd Snout Size and Shape

Key features of this Wire Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd:

  • Rustproof
  • Smooth, cast joints
  • Perfectly ventilated
  • Soft padded
  • Reliably fixed with leather belts
  • Certified
  • Allows a dog to pant and drink water muzzled

Intended use of this Dog Basket Muzzle:

  • German Shepherd dog of medium size
  • Dog walking
  • Vet visiting
  • Socializing
  • Prevention fo biting, chewing, picking up strange objects

Dog muzzle size:

  • Please, fill in all the measurements required without adding any notions
  • Our specialists will choose the best fit muzzle size according to the sizes provided
  • As there is no change to try a muzzle on, your accurate measurements are very important

Available colors:

  • Black leather elements

How to measure your German Shepherd:

wire dog muzzle
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line:Distance from eye line to right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

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Metal Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd Dogs

Metal Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd Walking, Vet Visiting, for Public Places

As all Fordogtrainers products, this wire dog muzzle for German Shepherd has The International Quality Certificate. All dog muzzles are tested and approved by specialists at dog training schools and kennel clubs.

This dog muzzle shapes and sizes are also produced in another variant, with rubber-covered wire. It is perfect for winter.

Wire Dog Muzzle Covered with Black Rubber UK

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