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Dog Lead 5 in 1 | Double Dog Lead for Multipurpose Use

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Dog Lead 5 in 1 for multipurpose use with 2 snap links

Dog Lead 5 in 1 is a super functional dog lead for many purposes! This flexible dog lead is made of strong nylon rope covered with natural leather that is reliably stitched and equipped with 2 snap links re-fastening which you may change the length and function of this unique dog training tool!
Use this dog lead as:
1. Wear a dog lead on your shoulder and set your hands free: stick snap hook to the floating ring and wear the loop on your shoulder. The other snap hook attach to the dog collar or harness.
2. Short dog lead: fold the lead together and fasten one snap link to the ring closer to another one at the dog collar or harness.
3. If you need to let your dog outside a store: wrap the dog lead around some object and stick a snap link to a floating ring. Your dog will not get lost outside.
4. Double dog lead: fasten one snap link to a dog and other one to another dog and walk two dogs at the same time.
5. Long dog lead: use dog lead in its full length.

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Dog lead

Dog Lead 5 in 1 for multipurpose use

Dog Lead features:

  • High quality leather round folded and reliably stitched
  • Minimum 5 various functionality of this dog lead
  • Floating ring
  • Fixing rings for shorter length
  • Easy-release and strong snap links made of brass or steel to your choice
  • You may control your dog with free hands wearing this dog lead on waist or shoulder
  • Handcrafted
  • Lightweight
  • Certified

Use of this Dog Lead:

  • 2 dogs walking
  • Dog training
  • Tracking
  • Large dog
  • Middle dog
  • Small dog

Size of this Round Dog Lead:

  • Length of dog lead - 5 and 7 foot (150 and 210 cm) sizes available
  • Diameter - 3/8 inch (10 mm)
  • Leather thickness - 0,01 inch (3,5 mm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown
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