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Silent High Pitched Dog Whistle on Chain


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High Pitched Dog Whistle for Sale

High pitched dog whistle action is based on perfect dog sense of hearing. Dog senses perceive much higher pitch than human ones. This ability is efficiently used in dog training of police and service dogs. Silent dog whistle sound is sharply recognized by dog ears and keeps unheard by people.

High pitched dog whistle sound is regulated by a screw. The whistle has a comfortable and professional design for easy and professional use. It has a cap-closure. The parts are connected by a chain, that serves to keep them together and carry dog whistle comfortably.

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High Pitched Dog Whistle

Ultrasonic Dog Whistle for Silent Commands

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Online Dog Whistle for Sale

Professional Dog Whistle for Service Dogs

High pitched dog whistle with chain and cap is comfortable to use and carry.

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Why is it worth buying this Online Dog Whistle:

  • Efficient tool for dog training
  • Produces high pitch sound, silent for people and perceived by dogs
  • Safe for human and animal ears
  • Regulated dog whistle sound pitch
  • Chain for cap and comfortable carriage
  • Made of quality steel with stainless chrome-plating

Use a High Pitched Dog Whistle for:

  • Service dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Dog training

Dimensions of this Dog Training Whistle:

  • 0.4 in x 4 in (0.9 cm x 10 cm)
  • Weight: 1.76 oz (50 g)


  • Chrome-plated steel

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