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Extra Wide Leather Dog Collar for Shar Pei Size

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Wide Leather Dog Collar for Shar Pei Control in Training and Walking

How to choose the best dog collar for Shar Pei dog breed? Shar Pei dogs are quite big and strong. We recommend to use durable dog collars of classic design. A simple leather dog collar with a reliable buckle and ring will be handy to control your dog daily!

This wide leather dog collar is a comfortable and reliable tool for mediuma nd big dogs. It's width is 2 in (5 cm). It is strong enough to control your Shar Pei.

What makes a good dog collar? First of all this Shar Pei collar is handmade of full grain, genuine, well-done leather. It is thick, durable and soft. The cuts of this dog collar are polished and waxed. It makes this collar safe and comfortable for your dog. There is a reliable classic buckle and 5 points to adjust it. The ring for a dog lead is solid. The fittings are made of chrome-plated steel. It is shiny and rust-resistant.

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2 In Wide Dog Collar for Shar Pei Control in Training & Walking

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Smart Leather Dog Collar with a Metal Buckle and Welded D-Ring

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Wide Leather Dog Collar with Buckle

Wide Dog Collar for Strong and Big Dogs Like Shar Pei

What is dog collar made of?:

  • Wide and thick leather strap
  • Chrome-plated fittings
  • Classic buckle
  • Welded D-ring
  • Square ring for a tip fastening
  • Handcrafted
  • Quality Certificate

How to use this wide dog collar:

  • For Shar Pei and other medium and big dogs
  • To handle a strong dog
  • Daily dog walking
  • Dog training
  • Dog service
  • Control over dog temperament

Sizes of this wide dog collar:

  • Sizes for dogs with a neck size from 14 to 40 inches (35-100 cm)
  • Collar width - 2 inch (50 mm)

Colors of this Shar Pei collar:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan

How to buy the right size dog collar:

what size of dog collar do I need

When choosing a dog collar is important to know that:
  • What is my dog collar size? Choose the exact neck size (circumference) of your dog without adding any notion. Our specialists take into account all nuances for the collar according to dog neck size.
  • What are dog collar sizes? The neck size is the size of the dog collar at the center hole(C). You will surely have additional holes each on the distance in one inch to regulate its size if your dog grows (D, E) or gains/loses (A, B) weight.
  • If your dog is young or a puppy, take into account that it will grow and write us the age, breed and sex of your dog.

Strong, wide leather dog collar is a good choice to control a strong and active dog like Shar Pei. This 2 in wide dog collar is a quality equipment for your dog and will serve you a good and long service.

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