36 Sizes of The Best Light Leather Dog Muzzle Strong Basket

Have been trying to find a muzzle for my 3 year old new poodle cross who sees other dogs as something to sink her teeth into as quickly as possible. I think she will improve with socialization - as she has always been fine with my other dog - so needed a muzzle but have not been able to find anything that fits or that she cannot remove. This muzzle though a bit unsightly does let her pant and put out her tongue while has stopped her from biting. So I am please with it. The customer service and helpfulness of this site is second to none. Could not recommend it enough! I do think that for small dogs they could still come up with something lighter - thinner leather for example!
Administrator's reply: Dear Linda, Your review is very important for us. We specialize in products for middle and big dog breeds. We will consider your recommendation as for small breeds. Thank you!

Linda Batt-Rawden, 06/07/2017
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