How to measure your dog for a muzzle

How to measure your dog for a muzzle

How To Measure Dog Muzzle Size? Instruction For Measuring A Dog's Snout

It is very important to determine the definite size of your dog's muzzle. The correct size will make sure that your dog feels comfortable and safe wearing it.

It is an easy task that takes only three minutes but it should be made carefully. And this guide How To Measure Dog Muzzle Size will help you. All you need for measuring are a sizing tape or a string, a pen and a sheet of paper. Then fill in the numbers you get in the fields on the products page.


There are 6 notions to measure:

1. Length.

Measured by this way: lay a string on a line from the eye line in the nose tip (blue color on the scheme).

2. Circumference.

Measured by laying a string around the dog's snout on the distance of one inch below the eye line. Important: the mouth should be closed while measuring (green color on the scheme).

3. Eye line.

Measured by laying the string on the line from the point on the nose between the eyes to the back of the neck behind the ears (yellow  color on the scheme).

4. Neck Circumference.

Measured by laying a string around the neck (pink  color on the scheme).

5. Width.

Measured by laying a string across the snout of the dog in its widest part at the eye line (orange color on the scheme).

dog snout width

6. Height.

Measured by laying a string vertically according to the snout of the dog at the eye line. The mouth should be a little open while measuring (light-blue color on the scheme).


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We understand that it is not eay to choose a dog muzzle online. Please, take all the measurements carefully and our specialists will choose the best fit muzzle size. If it woun't fit your dog, we will help you to exchange it for a better one without problems.

Correct sizes of dog snout will help us to choose the right muzzle size for your dog.