Schutzhund Training Bite Sleeve

Dog Bite Sleeves for Schutzhund Training

dog biting training sleeveDog bite sleeves for dog attack training are used for Schutzhund training, dog sports, training of real protection from attack, home and territory guard training, and training of dogs for military, police and other K9 service. The wide choice of dog bite sleeves of various intended use allows to choose the necessary dog training equipment for a definite purpose of dog training.

Dog bite sleeve is indispensable for dog training of controlled aggression and testing of protection qualities of service dog breeds.

Dog bite sleeves are used with covers. They are intended for comfortable work with a dog, and also for protection of a bite sleeve from wearing out by dog biting. A bite sleeve cover is fixed to a dog bite sleeve by belts. A dog bite sleeve cover is made traditionally of natural jute. But it is also produced of French linen (super durable mix of cotton and synthetics).

Dog bite sleeves may have in-built cover or adjustable one. Adjustable cover is comfortable for changing a worn out one without changing the bite sleeve itself. This type of sleeves are used with a cover only. The are not recommended for use without a cover, as their surface is not intended to endure biting itself. It will wear out much faster.

Special plastic reinforcements are used sometimes in the center of a bite sleeve, at the elbow and wrist area of a helper. It is used for additional stimulation for a dog to attack the center of the bite sleeve. Leather covers are used for dog bite grip development.

Fordogtrainers dog bite sleeve covers are made of natural jute or French linen. They are reliably stitched several times for maximum protection and durability.

Dog Biting Training EquipmentDog bite pads and tugs, bite builders for dog training are used as additional dog biting training equipment. They are used for young and adult dog training to bite, for controlled dog aggression training, prey drive instinct development, and for bite grip building, bite strength and dog bite position.

Jute Tugs for Dog Biting Training