Best Basket Muzzles for Dogs UK for All Breeds Individual Shape

I ordered this muzzle as none of the commercial once would suit my outsized border collie and due to his dog-reactivity muzzling him while out was advised. The product was tailor- made and when arrived proved to be a perfect fit with a very good lether quality. My initial concerns were around the hardness of the lether and the weight of the muzzle in general that might cause discomfort to the dog. None of those proved to be real as it fits very well and seems to be tailored to provide as much comfort to the dog as possible.
The dog's opinion is mixed as you can imagine. He does not like to be muzzled in general but the new one does not seem to bother him more or less than the old one. And given the commercial one annouingly touched his nose and the middle strip would fall to one side covering the eye the new tailored made wired muzzle seems to be more tolerable.

Justyna D., 10/08/2018
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