Padded Basket Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd, All Round Lining

I got this dog muzzle in about 3 weeks. Initially, I did not know that it would be sent from Israel, that, of course, affects such a long delivery time.
My first thought: quite a heavy thing! This muzzle weighs about 450 g and, thus, it's much heavier than a"standard muzzle". The treatment seems very good. The nose area is sufficiently padded with a soft lining, but still not soft enough for the dog could not feel the wire. My dog's nose ends soon after the soft lining ends, giving enough room till the front wire (is it a wedge for a bite?). There are enough possibilities for adjustment, so that the muzzle can be perfectly adapted to a dog. (by the cheeks, between the eyes and around the neck). Moreover, the neck strap has a loop that allows additional collar attachment. A buckle allows you to quickly and easily fasten the muzzle. The dog does not need to wait for a long, and there is no need to tighten it like with belts.
Now the minuses that I've noticed at the moment:
The straps are inherently strong enough and should be used for a longer period to make them more comfortable and free. In my muzzle, all the buckles (except a quick-release buckle) are black and thus deviate from the example image. Moreover, there is no buckle on the lower neck part, which is still shown in the example picture. In addition, it's impossible to feed the dog while wearing a muzzle, this can be guessed by looking at the photo.
This muzzle can be recommended for this price. Of course, the delivery time is a bit annoying, but this muzzle, in my opinion, is worth it.

Leonie H., 02/21/2018
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