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The Best Dog Nail Trimmers UK for Dog Claw Clipping


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Dog Nail Trimmers for Dog Claw Clipping at Home and for Professional Dog Groomers

Dog nail trimmers will help you to take a proper care of your dear dog. Our new dog nail clippers are safe and comfortable for home use.

Dog nails are growing for the whole dog's life. Sometimes they are wearing off itself while dog is walking on hard surface. But do not rely on it completely. Too long dog nails cause not only discomfort to a dog but also pain. Do not make your dog suffer. Cut dog claws regularly.

Now you do not need waste time and money to visit a groomer. Do it yourself at home using these dog nail clippers.

Our new dog nail trimmers have a stopper. It helps to regulate the level of dog nail length for cutting. Comfortable vinyl plated handles prevent sliding it in your hand. When not used, the blades are safely protected by a fixation plate.

Place a dog claw between the blades and clip it like by scissors, pressing the handles.

Use professionally designed, simple and safe tool for a proper dog nail trimming and follow our advices to make it easy, correctly and safely.

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Buy Professional Dog Nail Trimmers

Professional Dog Nail Trimmers for Safe and Comfortable Dog Claw Clipping

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The Best Dog Claw Trimmers

Keep Dog Nails Healthy, Nice and Cared at Home with a Professional Dog Nail Trimming Tool!

Dog nail trimmers info:

  • Sharp blades
  • Anti-slide vinyl handles
  • Claw length fixation
  • Closed by a stopper for safety when not used
  • Certified quality

How to use a dog nail trimmer:

  • Dog nail trimming
  • Trimming dogs claws at home


  • 5 in x 2.2 in (13 cm x 5.5 cm)


  • Stainless steel
  • Vinyl

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The Best Dog Claw Trimmers

Comfortable and Safe Dog Claw Clippers

Dog nail trimmers of scissors type are considered the most safe, comfortable and universal for small and large dogs.


Regular dog nail trimming prevents cracking of dog claws. Dog nail cracking may cause inflammation.

Too long dog claws may affect dog gait that leads to dog bones and joints problems.

Do not be afraid to cut dog claws. It is a simple procedure that takes a little time if you know simple safety rules.

Get a styptic powder that stops bleeding for a case you cut a claw too short.

Get dog treats to draw its attention away from the procedure of dog nail trimming and keep it lay still. You will also need it at the end to praise for patience. Your dog will take the dog nail trimming procedures easier with treats and praises.

Try to cut dog claws when your dog is relaxed after feeding or tired after active walking and training.

Relax your dog by calm and soft voice and caress.

If you are new at dog nail trimming, read the information how to trim dog claws.

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