Light Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd, Pitbull and Alike Breeds

Hello, after I’ve received the parcel late (which was in the dispatch), I’d like to write about this briefly, as I was asked for, and what I’m happy to do :)
So, there are advantages and some disadvantages as well. I still rate it as 5 stars, so I describe this below.
The muzzle gives impression of a reliable, high-quality and massy product! The material is awesome and bite proof (so far, I hope it’s so: D. My dog is a bit stubborn and tries to destroy it ^ ^ ...)!
Harder than usual muzzles!
Processing is also free of defects!
Since I have a sports Red Nose Pitbull, a typical in Germany (in the US they are more "pitbulish" (stronger, different behavior, etc.)). The muzzle has extra space (inter-space), so now it's too big, though. In the lower part there is a hole, which is not visible in the pictures.
The rounding around the nose to the nasal aperture is made of nylon. Since the dog is constantly burrowing his nose in the ground, it can become thinner. Hope that nylon will withstand the friction.
And it would be nice if, in spite of the fact that the seams are well-stitched, they would also be glued together. Or something like that. If the dog tries to remove the muzzle, they may probably come to harm. So I hope that it does not immediately fall apart :P.
That's all.
Despite all the shortcomings, I’m satisfied and give 5 stars. But since the muzzle is so durable and high-quality, I'm pleased and left it like that. On this basis, I would only say:
A first-rate product that does not immediately wear out :).

Dan-Yorick B., 07/19/2018
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