How to measure dog for correct collar size

How to measure a dog for a dog collar

Here we will explain how to measure dog for different types of dog collars.

Classic dog collar with holes and buckle

  • Measure the neck size (circumference) of your dog.

  • The neck circumference of your dog is the length of the collar os the center hole (C). You have additional holes D, E for the case if your dog grows or gains weight and A, B holes for the case if your dog loses weight.

  • Write us your dog age, sex and breed to take into account all the nuances while picking up the collar for your dog.

dog collar size

how to measure a dog

Choke collar size measuring

  • Choke collar is taken on a dog through its head. It is important to measure dog head circumference in the widest area, as you see it on the scheme below.

  • Measure dog neck size.

  • Add 2-3 inches to the neck circumference and you get the size of choke collar you need for you dog.

choke collar size

Measuring a dog for pinch/prong collar

  • Prong collar is worn on dog neck right below its snout, but not low on the neck as a usual collar. That's why you need to measure dog neck right below its jaw and behind the ears.

  • Take into account dog breed and weight while choosing wire gauge of prong collar for you dog. Specialists recommend definite wire gauge for different dog breeds and weight.

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